Saturday, February 5, 2011

" Snips, snails, and puppy dog tails. that's what little boys are made of."

Our little dude was born October 12, 2010. We named him North David after our wonderful home, Alaska, and both of our dads! My due date was only two days before the 12... 10-10-10. But on the evening of 10-11, I went into full blown labor! My husband was at school that evening, but luckily, I had my wonderful mother with me  cheering and clapping at every contraction! Needless to say, this made me very irritable! When me husband walked through the door, my mom told him that I have been in active labor for the last three hours! So happy and overjoyed, (maybe a little too much) he found me pacing the floor, grabbed me to give me a hug! But to his dismay I gave him the look of..." DON'T TALK TO ME! DON'T LOOK AT ME! DON'T TOUCH ME!!!"

30 seconds later I was his sweet princess kissing him and hugging him in excitement

Shortly after he came home my contractions got worse and were exactly 5 minutes apart. So we packed up everything we needed and headed to the hospital. At the beginning of our drive, Gavin wasn't driving fast enough...then too slow....then turning corners to sharply.... not turning fast enough... you get the picture. After the longest 7 minutes of my life we arrived to the ER and they immediately admitted me. After nearly 10 hours of labor, our little man entered the world. Truly the most amazing thing I have ever done and I wouldn't change it for anything

Shortly after the arrival of North... shortly meaning about ten minutes, I looked at those who were in my room and said...

"Well I don't have to do that again for a year"

North is now 1 week shy of four months and I have enjoyed all the ups and downs of being a parent

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