Sunday, February 13, 2011

"None of Nature's landscapes are ugly so long as they are wild." - John Muir

What an adventure! This weekend Gavin, North and I went snowmobiling out to a cabin on Lynx Lake near Willow, AK. We made the trip our "Valentines Date" seeing as to how Valentine's day is on a Monday this year. Friday morning we packed up our things and the two snow machines and headed out towards Willow. The weather was so amazing after leaving the Anchorage bowl and heading towards Willow. It was chilly but amazing, Clear blue skies, sun shining all around and a wonderful view of Denali, Foraker and Hunter
We unloaded our car, bundled up, packed our sled and set off for our night of fun! Gavin had North in a chest pack and he didn't even cry once! In fact he loved the trip!  The cabin we went to was a public use state cabin, and we rented it online for only thirty dollars a night! We arrived to our cabin right as it was starting to get cold and dark. North was toasty warm and had the sweetest cherry nose and rosy cheeks. He did so well and was all smiles that evening.

  Our cabin was so cute and cozy. It was 12x12 and perfect for two and a half people.We unbundled our selves and started to make a fire in our tiny cabin, and after a short 45 mins or so we were all nearly naked standing around in our underwear dying of heat! Our pot belly stove put out so much heat and made us all sweat like crazy! 

Non of us slept that night because it was so hot, AND, because North decided he wanted to play and talk to his feet....all night. Even though we had a long and eventful evening. our trip was absolutely amazing. Ill post more information about the cabin and how you can book the cabin if your interested in doing a trip like this! It totally is kid friendly and easy! YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE TO NOT BRING KIDS! Only you can stop yourself from not going on an adventure. So stop making excuses and go! Your guaranteed to have a good time

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