Thursday, March 17, 2011

Northern Lights and Sheep Mountain Lodge

It's been a while since I have last blogged, we have been very busy playing.

This last week was spring break for us up here in Alaska. We got together with my family and headed up north to Sheep Mountain Lodge towards Eureka, AK! We headed out for the weekend on Thursday evening, and around 9 o'clock, the Northern Lights started dancing their way across the sky! It was so amazing! Gavin found a little spot to pull over so I could try and snap a few shots...BUT... I couldn't figure out how too use my new camera! I was so mad that I missed such an awesome opportunity at some amazing photos! But the next night.... they didn't come out nearly as well. I ended up figuring out my camera and I did get a tiny sliver of a Northern Light, not the best picture ever but at least I got something

We arrived our cabin later that night and the rest of the party arrived shortly after us! We setup all that we needed too, then headed off to bed looking forward to a day of playing. Daddy and North enjoyed the weekend just as much as I did!

As Friday morning rolled around, we all got bundled up and headed out for some fun. Gavin, the cousins, and my Uncle, hoped on the four wheeler and snow machine and headed out to find some rabbits!

Katie and Janelle just after a successful rabbit hunt

 My Aunt, North and I stayed back at the cabin and wandered around on the ski trails and enjoyed the beautiful blue skied weather we were having! It was the best weather ever! Really!! It was so warm and not a cloud in the sky!


Aunt Virginia enjoying cross country skiing

The view from our cabin! So beautiful!!

Goodness! The weather was so perfect!
I love March

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  1. Hi Ashleen! Thanks for sharing your pictures, I am so jealous of your Alaskan outings! Looks like a fun weekend trip.