Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Last Great Race on Earth

Today was the ceremonial start of the Iditarod in Anchorage. I don't think I have ever seen the Iditarod dogs and sleds before, until today!(I say "I think" because I lived here when I was little and don't remember if I saw them then). We put on our snow gear and headed out to the Campbell Creek Science Center where the racers stop until they start the official race in Willow AK. It was so awesome being so close to the teams and be able to wave and cheer for them all. It's crazy to think that these dogs will be running a thousand miles from Willow to Nome. These dogs are tough!

Momma and North

Daddio and North

North did absolutely amazing! He actually slept almost the entire time, but was able to get a few quick peaks and the dogs running. He was nice and cozy all bundled in his this snow outfit and blankets! He was born to handle the cold!

I got SO excited when I was taking this picture! I didn't see the dogs until I put my eye up to my camera and started shooting. Right as they were passing in front of me I yelled to Gavin " Oh how cool they are wearing tie dye! Yeah, how awesome"

Just because they are wearing tie dye these dogs were racing for me...or so I would like to think

I felt like today was from the Dr. Seuss book "Go Dogs Go"
That's the only thing my husband would yell to every team!

I felt sooo cool being able to see Lance the flesh. Just kidding but it was actually pretty darn cool being able to see the 4 time champion! Lets hope that this year he makes it 5 consecutive wins!

North just feeling happy and glad to be outside. I know that because he told me :)

Such a big boy at his first, of many Iditarods!

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  1. Ash- Those are some awesome pictures!! I bet you're loving your new camera! North is so dang cute all bundled up! What a good mama you are getting him out there and experiencing Alaska!